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  Aug 9, 2017 9:00:00 AM

With so many business-to-business printer repair shops located in New York City, it can be difficult to find the best one for your business. You may think they're all one and the same, but think again; each offers a variety of different services at different levels of quality. But how can you find what exactly the right services you need, and the right company that'll be the best fit? Here is a list of a few things to look for when shopping around for printer repairs in New York City.

Take into consideration your business' size.

Some printer repair companies only service small local businesses. Others may service only large companies, including some with multiple locations nationwide. It's important to first assess the size of you business and then research copmanies that claim they cater to businesses like yours. Here at A M Exclusive, we're a small enough company to know our customers well, yet due to our big business partnerships with companies such as Hewlett-PackardXerox, and Lexmark, we have all the tools necessary to help your company with a wide variety of needs.

Know what kind of printer brands and models you have.

Some printer repair companies aren't able to repair absolutely every kind of printer on the market. Some may mostly repair Hewlett-Packard and Xerox printers, while others may mostly repair other brands like Brother or Canon. Keep in mind, some models may be too old for some companies to repair or may simply be discontinued. Before proceeding any further, know what kinds of printers you have in your fleet so you can ask your prospective printer repair technician if they're able to make repairs. For example, here at A M Exlcuisve, we mostly repair Hewlett-PackardXerox, and Lexmark printers.

Look for something that sets apart a company from the rest.

Not all printer repair companies are created equal. Some offer better sales and warranties than others; others may offer better response time and customer service. Once in awhile, you may get lucky and find a company that has a 100% money-back guarentee. Maybe that same company also offers next day or better service and a first visit fix. (Hint: A M Exclusive)

Whatever you do, the main thing is to research deeply and thoroughly. There's a perfect printer repair company out there for you somewhere in the sea of New York City - you just have to be patient and smart. Look for reliability above all else. Look for fast and friendly service, quality parts and repairs at a fair price, and mostly importantly a customer-first attitude.

Here at A M Exclusive, our goal is to provide you with reliable technology solutions that will make your organization more efficient. Since 1985, we have been striving to make our clients’ busy work lives easier though offering the highest quality printer, technology and communications services at the fairest prices. We honor honesty and integrity above all, so if you need your laser printer repaired for any reason, you can be sure to count on us.

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