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Two Solutions to Get Executives Better Internet Access to Their Homes

Nothing is more frustrating when working from home than a bad internet connection.  And as an IT leader, nothing is more frustrating than colleagues blaming you for their bad internet! One of our trusted partners, VNET Solutions, has been helping their clients save the day with executives using the following solutions:

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Reaching The Balance of Working Remotely & In The Office

Long before the pandemic hit, the debate of the merits of working remotely versus being in the office was an ongoing saga in our company.  Me being from the millennial generation, and my business partner and father being of the boomer generation, we found it difficult to see eye to eye. In many ways, our experiences are so different from each other.  I grew up with the computer. As a preteen and teenager, a large portion of my interactions with my friends was online. Compared to those of the boomer generation,
who were adults when interacting on the computer with others became a regular occurrence.

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4 Tips To Follow When Finally Cleaning Your Network Closet

Do you cringe every time you walk into your network closet?  If so, you’re not alone. “Cable management porn” is a real thing (and don’t worry, a Google search won’t turn up anything your firewall should be blocking!). Our IT Engineers have been down the network closet organization road many times, so we have some tips if you finally want to tackle this project. With an unprecedented number of people working from home right now, you may never find a better time than now—other than if you move—to address this issue.

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