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  Dec 8, 2021 11:53:39 AM

ransomeware attack preventionSecurity this, password that, and they want 14 characters with two symbols?!? In the modern 21st century, crime and theft have shifted, but a lot of people are approaching the problem with logic from more than a decade ago. We can likely all agree that modern prevention is annoying. Remembering 24 different passwords, four PIN numbers, having to install updates all the time (some of which break what you use daily), this new regulation, that new requirement – it’s frustrating. It’s funny, though, how it’s not at all frustrating or inconvenient to most of us to remember the code for the door, the code for the alarm panel next to the door, the secret password to tell the alarm company when you don’t get out in time and the alarm goes off, the passcode to our phone, the front-door keypad lock at home, the garage code, the other garage code… You get the idea.

This logic is based on a time when the threat that was more “real” to us was someone threatening our families in the middle of the night or robbing the house while we were at work. In 2021, those types of threats are statistically not what’s most prone to happen to a person. Fraudulent credit card and banking charges are much more likely to impact you than a thief in the night directly. Cybercriminals ransomed millions of dollars from businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, using time-tested tactics like phishing, social engineering, and other hacker tools of the trade.

It’s essential to avoid the “Not me!” approach to this shift.  I talk to businesses all the time who say, “I’m too small for anyone to want to steal my data” or “I have a good firewall, hourly backups and a great IT support partner – no one will steal my files” or “I don’t have anything sensitive.” Truth be told, businesses with under 100 employees are the low-hanging fruit for cybercrooks – yes, that’s a lot of you! Not only that, nearly 85% of successful data breaches involved defrauding humans rather than exploiting flaws in computer code. Understand that it can happen to you and that it is important to train all employees on how to create strong passwords and recognize phishing scams. As a leader, no one will think it is crucial if you don’t stress its importance. It is essential to approach all aspects of physical and electronic security with the attention they deserve in our modern business world to keep your company safe.

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