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  Feb 4, 2022 10:16:11 AM

If your company has put a flexible work policy in place, you will likely find that you’ve got more space than people more often than not. You are also probably having difficulty understanding who is coming to the office and how often, which makes it hard for facilities and IT teams to ensure sufficient resources are available at the office. You’re asking yourself questions like:

Does it make sense for someone that only comes to the office once a week, or less, to have a dedicated desk? and

Can we save money by moving to a smaller space?

Yarooms TeamsYarooms will help solve these problems and more. With an integration to Microsoft Teams, you can make it easy for employees to book desk space with interactive floor plans. Whether you have already set up areas where anyone can work, or simply just for getting analytics for when people are working at their assigned desk in the office, Yarooms has the features you need to effectively manage and move towards a truly hybrid office.

We’ve recently established a partnership with Yarooms. Call 718-845-2828 ext. 3 or e-mail sales@amexclusive.com to schedule a demo today!


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