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The “Not me!” Problem With Cybersecurity

Security this, password that, and they want 14 characters with two symbols?!? In the modern 21st century, crime and theft have shifted, but a lot of people are approaching the problem with logic from more than a decade ago. We can likely all agree that modern prevention is annoying. Remembering 24 different passwords, four PIN numbers, having to install updates all the time (some of which break what you use daily), this new regulation, that new requirement – it’s frustrating. It’s funny, though, how it’s not at all frustrating or inconvenient to most of us to remember the code for the door, the code for the alarm panel next to the door, the secret password to tell the alarm company when you don’t get out in time and the alarm goes off, the passcode to our phone, the front-door keypad lock at home, the garage code, the other garage code… You get the idea.

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3 Reasons Why Microsoft 365 and Google Vault Backups are Insufficient to Protect Your Data

As businesses around the globe continue to adapt to remote work, there has been a surge in the use of cloud collaboration apps. While it is standard practice for companies to back up their on-premises data, it is not so for data that exists only in the cloud, and many are relying solely on their cloud provider to protect them from data loss. Yet an astonishing one in three companies reports losing data stored in cloud-based applications. The single leading cause of this data loss? Human error. With more and more companies depending on Microsoft 365 and G Suite for collaboration and business operations, these risks are impossible to ignore. Here are some reasons why Microsoft 365 and Google Vault Backups are insufficient:

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Easy Way To Add A Layer Of Defense Against Small Business Hackers

Unfortunately, there are people out there that will try to kick you while you’re down.  Just because the world is in crisis with COVID-19, the hackers have not stopped, but are instead stepping up their game in attacking small businesses.

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A M Exclusive's COVID-19 Response

As we have found ourselves in these uncertain times, how we can best help our clients and our community is at the top of our minds. We are hoping & praying that this passes as soon as possible while keeping our eyes open for what we can learn. I was recently reminded of some truth spoken by Franklin D. Roosevelt which is reassuring still today – “we have nothing to fear but fear itself” – and it is what we will keep in mind going forward while following all the CDC recommended guidelines to limit the possible transmission of COVID-19.

Because we are a technology support company we fall within the 'essential business' classification and will remain open.  Visit www.amexclusive.com/covid-19 for current updates as to how we are providing services and what we are doing to protect our clients & employees.

Wishing you peace & calmness during this temporary 'storm'....

-  Jaclyn & The Team at A M Exclusive

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How To Protect Yourself & Your Business From The New Ransomeware That Is Spreading

Even If Your Company Is On A Managed IT Services Contract, There Are Extra Precautions You Should Take

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