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Why You Are Having Issues Setting Up Your New HP+ Printer/MFP

Are you having issues setting up your new HP+ printer/MFP (Models M209dwe, M234dwe, M234sdwe, 3001dwe, 4001ne, 4001dne, 4101fdne, 4101fdwe)? When you purchased your machine, you may not have realized that any HP printer models that end with an “e” are HP+ devices that have specific requirements for you to use them.

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Save Time & Money On Operating Your HP Printers

Paying a high amount each year for a fixed traditional contract may not make sense if you do not print that much, but at the same time, you don’t want to be stuck with a large, unanticipated repair bill. When your printer goes down, you need it repaired quickly so you can get your work done!

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