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  Aug 26, 2022 6:08:36 PM

Are you having issues setting up your new HP+ printer/MFP (Models M209dwe, M234dwe, M234sdwe, 3001dwe, 4001ne, 4001dne, 4101fdne, 4101fdwe)? When you purchased your machine, you may not have realized that any HP printer models that end with an “e” are HP+ devices that have specific requirements for you to use them.

4001dwe-1While you benefit from an extended warranty (two years versus one year), and Forest First printing, HP Printers with HP+ need to be connected to the internet to work. Therefore, Wireless or Ethernet is REQUIRED, and you can’t just use a USB cord to attach the printer to your PC. You must also set up an HP account and use the HP Smart device app to register the printer.

If your machine loses connection to the internet, while you will be able to print, you won’t have control panel access or embedded web page access and won’t know how much toner is left in the machine. Maintaining an internet connection is especially crucial during the initial registration process. If your device shows the error that it was ‘Unable to register the printer to your account’ (either because you lost internet or due to your firewall blocking it), then you will likely need to contact HP support to activate the machine.

Unfortunately, the descriptions for the HP+ products on online retailers such as Amazon are unclear about the requirement for internet connection, maintaining an HP account, and using the HP Smart device app to register the HP+ printers and MFPs. Nor do they mention that a strict IT firewall policy will render these machines unusable.

The good news is that HP has versions of these printers that DO NOT have such requirements. So, while slightly more expensive, it may be worth it to you not to have the hassle of maintaining an internet connection or changing your firewall policies! Here’s a list of these models and a link to purchase them:

HP Models Recommended for printing up to 299 pages per month:
HP LaserJet M209dw – wireless & automatic two-sided printing
HP LaserJet M234dw MFP – wireless multifunction printer
HP LaserJet M234sdw MFP – wireless multifunction printer with Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)

HP Models Recommended for printing up to 500 pages per month:
HP LaserJet Pro 3001dw – wireless & automatic two-sided printing

HP Models Recommended for printing 500-999 pages per month:
HP LaserJet Pro 4001n – single-sided printing
HP LaserJet Pro 4001dn - automatic two-sided printing
HP LaserJet Pro 4001dw - wireless & automatic two-sided printing
HP LaserJet Pro 4101fdn MFP - multifunction printer
HP LaserJet Pro 4101fdw MFP - wireless multifunction printer

Are you printing over 1,000 pages per month? Then you may want to look into an all-inclusive printer contract based by an HP Managed Print dealer such as us, especially if your company is located in NYC or Long Island.  We can get you the best pricing on equipment and the lowest cost per page with full-service coverage, while automatically shipping you supplies 10-20 days before they run out, so you never have to think about them!  And should you have an issue, you'll get fast, NYC local printer service by authorized technicians that will come right to your office.

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