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Why I Will Never Use A Desktop Phone Again

How Integrating Our VOIP Phone System With Microsoft Teams Made Communication Easier For Me
I hate having to hold a phone to my ear, and while not everyone feels that way, I know I’m not the only one! Since online meetings have become commonplace over the last year and a half, having to switch from the ease of using my PC headset (allowing me to type notes and easily pull up whatever I need to on the computer related to my conversation) to picking up the phone was just annoying. While I could use the app on my cell phone to make and receive calls, that required me to use a Bluetooth headset to be hands-free. However, that introduced the issue that when my headset batteries were running low (unbeknownst to me), my voice started to become choppy to those on the other line. I would also have to switch headsets between my online meetings and phone calls. Even if I tried to get a headset connected to my phone and my PC simultaneously, I still would have the battery issue.

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