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  Apr 7, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Most likely this problem can be solved quickly and easily in just a few steps. To begin assessing a 13.1 Error, start by checking the basics. Is there paper in the tray? Are the ink cartridges empty? Is the printer connected to a power source? After confirming that everything is properly setup, check whether there is a message/warning light on the printer. The message should give you the details of what’s wrong. On the screen, it should display that you have a 13.1 Error.

What is a 13.1 Error?

Very often a 13.1 Paper Jam Message will appear, instructing the user to check Tray 2 or to check under the toner cartridge, but upon thoroughly checking the printer there may be no paper jam to be found anywhere. 

Why is there a jam message? 

Keep in mind that upon leaving the paper tray, the leading edge of the paper is expected to reach its first sensor, but what if the paper never even left the tray? A mal-adjusted or improperly loaded tray may be the culprit. 


If your laser printer is displaying a 13.1 error message, 

• Check to see that all guides in the tray are adjusted correctly. There are always notches provided for various paper sizes. The most common issue is that the rear guide is set on ‘A4’ instead of ‘letter’. 

• Remove all paper from the tray and ensure that there is no paper folded or misaligned in the tray. In many cases, problem solved! 

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