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  Apr 12, 2021 5:23:48 PM

A few years back, I was at a business networking event, discussing what was going on in my business at the time, and I will never forget the words of advice given to me: “You need to learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.” Part of my personality drives me towards trying to reach perfection. It was not until I accepted perfection as untenable that I stumbled upon greater understandings of how to maintain being at ease. I am thankful for hearing this advice years in advance of 2020. It gave me some time to practice before facing the challenges that the year brought (and continues to bring into 2021).

Larry Little Quote March 2021It is impossible to escape the feeling of being uncomfortable. No one becomes a virtuoso in something immediately, and points of failure are inevitable. Where you achieve comfort is in knowing that you will not give up until the unknown becomes familiar. It is easy to look at others who have more experience in something you wish to attain and only see them in the confident moment you observe them in. What you do not see are all their times of struggle that got them to that moment of confidence. Not one of us has it easy.

Learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable is a never-ending lesson that permeates all aspects of life. While 2020 has shown us how little control of events we have, it also highlighted what control we do have. Regardless of the external circumstances around you, you can choose to continue to push through, learn, recover from failures, and reframe thoughts and attitudes. If you do this, slowly but surely, you will reach a state of comfort and peace once again.


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