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  Aug 30, 2019 2:06:20 PM

Forbes.com recently published an article talking about new research exposing major vulnerabilities with office printers, where the author concludes “Those innocuous devices could be the easiest entry point for cyber attackers into small businesses, enterprises and government departments,” and encourages to “ask your support team when the last time all those printers were inventoried, checked and patched.”  Additionally, recently at DEF CON there was a session entitled, “Why You Should Fear Your Mundane Office Equipment,” that exposed additional vulnerabilities of printers across manufacturers.

Many IT professionals think that their company’s firewall is a good enough defense against any attacks aimed at their printers, however best security practices speak to having multi-layers of defense.  Most companies are missing the mark on simple things like applying firmware updates & admin passwords, and even enforcing their own security policies.

Learn more about why your firewall shouldn’t be your only defense, and what else you should do by downloading the whitepaper below:

Download Print Devices - An Overlooked Network Security Risk

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