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  May 29, 2020 10:42:54 AM

Health screening assessments are a requirement for businesses re-opening in Phase 1 of New York Forward. A suggested method to achieve the need is to perform a “temperature check” of people entering your workplace. 

While there has been no specific guidance issued yet for businesses to open in subsequent phases, it is safe to assume that this requirement will be part of the plan, and it could be even more strict.

Right now, ‘temperature checks’ are only a suggestion for complying with the ‘health screening assessments’ in New York. Still, this regulation has the potential to become mandatory as it has in portions of other states such as Arkansas, California, Delaware, Florida, Iowa, Kentucky, and New Hampshire. But even if it does not become mandatory in New York, with a fever being the most common symptom of COVID-19, it is an excellent measure to take to keep your employees and customers protected.

A Google search will yield various types of devices a company can use to screen their employees, but not all are created equal, and not all of them have good availability.

We’ve done the research and landed on a few different temperature screening options for businesses in NYC & Long Island to consider: a hand-held device, a tablet, and a camera system, all of which have availability to arrive at your office within two weeks. Click here to learn more about the Temperature Screening Systems that we have for businesses in NYC & Long Island.

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