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The Best HP Printers For Working From Home in NYC Due To COVID-19

Perhaps working from home isn’t something you have done in the past, but now due to the COVID-19 outbreak,  you are finding yourself required to do so and you need the technology to be as productive as possible.

As an HP Authorized Printer Service Provider and Managed Print Specialist covering the New York Metropolitan Area (NYC, Long Island, Northern New Jersey, Westchester, Southern Connecticut), we have put together a list of the HP LaserJet printer models we recommend for working from home.

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What Did Kobe Bryant Have To Teach Us?


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HP Printer Firmware: To Update Or Not To Update?  That is the Question.

In the past, as experts in repairing HP printers, we would answer the question of whether or not to update printer firmware as pretty much a hard “NO.”  The only reason we would recommend updating firmware was if the printer was not functioning the way you needed it to and you found out that the firmware update addressed that issue.  Updating printer firmware, like many things in the IT world, can be like opening a can of worms: you can unintentionally cause an issue that wasn’t happening already. (I’m sure all of you have, at one time or the other, experienced the pain caused by a Windows update!).

However, as you know, the IT world has changed, and due to the constant cyber security threats out there, what we recommend has evolved. In addition to considering updating printer firmware when it can resolve a known issue with a printer, we recommend that you also update this firmware whenever it addresses a known security vulnerability.

For example, here are some security vulnerabilities addressed by firmware updates that you may find lurking in your HP printer fleet:

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More Warnings About The Need To Protect Your Business From Printer Vulnerabilities

Forbes.com recently published an article talking about new research exposing major vulnerabilities with office printers, where the author concludes “Those innocuous devices could be the easiest entry point for cyber attackers into small businesses, enterprises and government departments,” and encourages to “ask your support team when the last time all those printers were inventoried, checked and patched.”  Additionally, recently at DEF CON there was a session entitled, “Why You Should Fear Your Mundane Office Equipment,” that exposed additional vulnerabilities of printers across manufacturers.

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We're Hiring A Technician!

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4 Printer Repair Issues that show you need to buy a new printer

It seems like you’ve had that printer in the corner of the office for years. At this point in its life, it feels like you’re maintenancing it every other day. But did you know you’re most likely losing money by doing this? Here are the top 4 printer repair sure signs that you need to buy a new office printer instead of getting it repaired:

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How to find the best printer repair company in NYC

With so many office printer repair companies in New York City, it can be difficult to determine which one is best to fit your needs, especially when each company claims to offer the most reputable services. How can you tell they are being truthful? Here is a quick list of what to look for when shopping around for printer companies in the New York Metropolitian Area.

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Can you repair your HP printer on your own, or should you hire a professional?

Oftentimes if something of ours breaks, we try to fix it ourselves before going to someone else for help. In the world of HP printers, however, this may cause additional damage to your machine and subsequently additonal costs of professional repair. Now of course, minor HP printer problems such as the ones outlined in our free guidebook are often easy enough for anyone to repair, but some problems need more attention. Here are some more reasons why you shouldn't attempt to repair your own printer unless the problem is minor or if you know exactly what to do.

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How to find a good NYC Printer Repair Company

With so many business-to-business printer repair shops located in New York City, it can be difficult to find the best one for your business. You may think they're all one and the same, but think again; each offers a variety of different services at different levels of quality. But how can you find what exactly the right services you need, and the right company that'll be the best fit? Here is a list of a few things to look for when shopping around for printer repairs in New York City.

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How to Avoid Paper Jams and Printer Repairs by fixing your HP Paper Tray Settings

When troubleshooting a paper jam, it is wise to check your paper tray settings because sometimes the issue can stem from incorrect machine settings. In this video, one of our experienced printer maintenance professionals explains in detail how to fix and prevent this problem.

If after watching this video you are still experiencing trouble with your HP printer, check out our HP Printer Repair services. You can trust in our expertise because we have been an HP Authorized Printer Service Partner since HP printers were invented. We have service vans throughout NYC, New Jersey & Long Island that are fully stocked with common parts, enabling us to get to your office quickly and fix your laser printer on the first visit.

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